What are the critics saying about Sarah’s work?

“It’s not hard to see why City of Ladies is a contender for the INDIEFAB Book of the Year.  Sarah Kennedy has quite a gift for storytelling and is sharing it with readers in her seriesThe Cross and the Crown. . . .Kennedy is an accomplished student of history, with a love for poems and Tudor England.  Her affection for and knowledge of this distinctive time bring it to life for modern readers.”  Black Dog Speaks

“…the author described the era well, as well as the hopelessness that the nuns felt.  I enjoyed Catherine’s character the most, because I felt her character showed the most growth….a short, enjoyable tale about faith, struggle and forbidden love during the Tudor period.  I would recommend this to anyone who enjoy reading about that time period, or anyone who enjoys historical fiction.”  The Book Musings

The Altarpiece is a powerful depiction of a horrible time in England’s history….Catherine is a very unique character. She is well-read and highly skilled in medicine of her time. While she lived in her convent, she was safe and protected. Without that protection, she may be considered a witch by people she had helped. I admired Catherine courage and her sense of right and wrong…. a very good piece of historical fiction.”  Kinx’s Book Nook

The Altarpiece by Sarah Kennedy is the first in The Cross and The Crown Series and what a fantastic start!….Of course I knew of the priories and monasteries being taken by force by King Henry’s men but I’ve never read anything that focused on any one house so I found this very interesting.  The author very vividly takes you back to this time period and you can practically feel the brutality and hopelessness of the situation being portrayed.  For certain I will be anxiously awaiting the next novel in The Cross and The Crown Series called The City of Ladies!”  Peeking Between the Pages

“…a well-researched history of this turbulent time when vows were broken and allies became enemies overnight….recommended for historical fiction readers.”  Booksie’s Blog

“. . . a great many things are happening in The Altarpiece: there is mystery, action, and even some romance. Kennedy has managed to create some interesting characters in the sisters of Mount Grace, particularly in Catherine, who is both intelligent and resourceful. She finds herself torn between her vows to the church and her desire for more in life. Although the mystery and search for the missing altarpiece provide the story with needed momentum, it is the more subtle tensions of the tale that are most interesting. It is intriguing how the nuns Christina, Veronica, Ann, and Catherine struggle and come to terms with the fact that their way of life is changing and may never be the same. Kennedy also deserves credit for approaching the period from the refreshing perspective of the devout.”  Historical Novel Society

“City of Ladies is a complex historical fiction in which Sarah Kennedy weaves an intricate, twisted web of a tale. Exploring the gender, personal, and national politics of 16th Century England, Kennedy paints a darkly colorful picture of King Henry VIII’s royal subjects.”  San Francisco Book Review

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