Explore Hatfield House with Me: “On the Tudor Trail”

Natalie Grueninger was kind enough to post my blog about a recent visit to Hatfield House–the sometime home of Elizabeth I, Mary I, and Edward VI.  It is a beautiful site, always worth revisiting.  And there’s a giveaway of my new Tudor novel, The King’s Sisters!  Thanks, Natalie!

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Review of The King’s Sisters in the Minneapolis Star Tribune!

My thanks to Katherine Bailey and the Minneapolis Star Tribune for this wonderful review of The King’s Sisters! http://www.startribune.com/review-the-king-s-sisters-by-sarah-kennedy/329543241/ A quick brush-up on Tudor history might be a good idea for readers about to embark on Sarah Kennedy’s excellent novel, … Continue reading


The History of “Mystery”: “Whodunit” or “Whom Do You Seek?”

Thank you to Sarah Johnson for publishing this essay on Reading the Past! Click on the title to read it all: Mystery:  “Whodunit” or Whom Do You Seek?” Advertisements