Tudor Recipes from Hampton Court

from the Tudor Kitchens at Hampton Court Palace

These might all have been in Catherine’s recipe books in The Altarpiece!

Apple Fritters
Take a little faire warme water, as much sack, and take half flower half bread, mingle them altogether: then take five or six egges and break therein whites and all, a little nutmeg, pepper and salt and cut in appells very small then take a faire skillet with suet and let it boyle on the fire and so put the batter in it.

Apple Sauce for Roast Pork

Take halfe vinegar and half Vergis, a handfull of percely and sage chopte very small, a pomewater shredde very small, then take the gravie of the pigge with sugar and pepper and boyle them together.

Bread Sauce for Rabbit or Chicken

Take a handfull of washed percely, mince it small, boyle it with butter and verjuice upon a chafing dish, season it with suger and a little pepper grosse beaten: when it is ready put in a fewe crummes of white bread, amongst the other: let it boyle againe till it be thicke, then laye it in a platter, like the breadthe of three fingers, laye of each side one rosted conney and so serve them.

Cream of Almonds
Take almaundys an stampe hem an draw it up wyth a fyne thykke milke y-temperyd with clene water; throw hem on, an sette hem in the fyre and let boyle onys; than tak hem a-down an caste salt ther-on an let hem reste a forlongwey or to, an caste a lytyl sugre ther-to; an than caste it on a fayre lynen clothe, fayre y-wasche an drye, an caste it al a-brode on the clothe with a fayre ladel: an let the cloth bin holdyn a-borde an late all the water under-nethe the clothe be had a-way, an thanne gadere alle the kreme in the clothe, an let hogny on an pyn an let the water droppe out to iii owrys; than tak it of the pyn an put it on a bolle of tre, and caste whyte sugre y-now ther-to an a lytil salt, and if it wexe thikke, take swete wyn an put ther-to that it be not sene: and whan it is I-dressid in the manner of mortrewys take red anys in comfyte or the lewys of borage an sette hem on the dysshe an serve forth.

French Toast
Take faire yolkes of eyren, and try hem from the white, and drawe hem thorgh a streynour; and then take salte, and caste thereto; and then take manged brede or paynman, and kutte hit in leches; and then take faire butter, and clarefy hit or elles take fressh grece and put hit yn a faire pan and make hit hote; And then wete the brede well there in the yolkes of eyren, and then ley hit on the batur in the pan, whan the buttur is al hote; and then whan it is fried ynowe, take sugur ynowe, and caste there-to whan hit it in the dissh. And so serve hit forth.

Gilded Marzipan Cake
Take half a pounde of blanched Almondes, and of white suger a quarter of a pound, of Rosewater halfe an ounce, and of Damask water as much: beate the Almondes with a little of the same water, and grind them till they be small: set them on a fewe coales offyre, till they ware thicke, then beate them againe with the suger, fine: then mixe the sweete waters and them together and so gather them and fashion your Marchpane: then take wafer cakes of the broadest makeing, cut them square, paste them together with a little liquor, and when ye have made them as broad as will serve your purpose have ready made a hoope of green hazell wand, of the thickenesse of halfe an ynche… lay this hoope upon your wafer cakes… and cut away all the partes of the Cakes… with a sharp knife.. then having white paper underneath it, set it upon a warme hearth, or upon an instrument or yron or brasse, made for the same purpose.. and ye may while it is moyste sticke it full of Comfets of sundrie colours, in a comely order, ye must moist it over with Rose water and suger together… The greatest secret that is in the making of this cleare, is with a littlefine flower of Rice, rosewater and Suger beaten together and layde thin over the Marchpane ere it goe to drying. This will make it Shine like Ice as Ladies report.
Take and cut your leafe of golde, as it lieth upon the booke, into square peeces like Dice and with a Conies tailes end moysted a little, take the golde up by the one corner, lay it on the place beeing first made moyste, and with another tayle of a Conie drie presse the golde downe close. And if ye will have the forme of an Harte, or the name of Iesus, or any other thing whatsoever: cut the same through a peece of paper and lay the paper upon your Marchpane or Tart; then make the voide place of the Paper (through which the Marchpane appeareth) moyste with Rose Water, laye on your golde, presse it down, take off your Paper and there remaineth behinde in golde the print cut in the saide paper.

Take a quart of hony and sethe it and skime it clene; take Safroun, pouder Pepir and throw theron; take gratyd Brede and make it so chargeaunt that it wol be y-lechyd; then take pouder canelle and straw ther-on y-now; then make yt square, lyke as thou wolt leche yt; take when tho lechyst hyt, an caste Box leves a-bowyn, y-stykyd ther-on, on clowys. An if thou wolt have it Red, colour it with Saunderys y-now.

Gooseberry Tart with Saffron Pastry
Take goseberies and parboyle then in white wine claret or ale, and boyle withall a little white bread, then take them up and drawe them through a strayner as thick as you can, with the yolkes of five Egges, then season it up with suger, halfe a dishe of butter, to bake it.

Take fine flower, a little faire water, and a dish of sweete butter, and a little saffron and the yolkes of two egges and make it thin and tender as ye may.

Hippocras (Spiced Red Wine)
Take of chosen Cinamon two ounces, of fine Ginger one ounce, of Graines halfe an ounce, bruse them all and stampe them in three or fower pints of good odiferous wine, with a pound of suger, by the space of foure and twenty houres, than put them into an Ipocrasse bagge of wollen and so receive the liquor. The readiest and best way is to put the spices with the halfe pounde of suger, and the wine into a bottell, or a stone potte stopped close, and after xxiiii houres it will be ready, then cast a thinne linnen cloth, or a piece of boulter clothe on the mouthe and let in so much run through as ye will occupie at once, and keepe ye vessell close, for it will so well keep bothe the spirite, odour and vertue of the wine and the spices.

Lamb Stew with Chicken and Raisins
Take a necke of mutton and a brest to make the broth stronge and then scum it cleane and when it hath boyled a while, take part of the broth and put it into another pot and put thereto a pound of raisins and let them boyle till they be tender, then strayne a little bread with the Raisins and the broth all together, then chop time, sawge and Persley with other small hearbes and put into the mutton then put in the strayned raysins with whole prunes, cloves and mace, pepper, saffron and a little salt and if ye may stew a chicken withall or els sparrowes or such other small byrdes.

Pears in a Rich Spiced Honey Syrup
Fyrst make the syrope in this wise, take a quarte of goode Rumney and put a pint of clarifyied honye, a pounde or a halfe of Suger, and mingle all those together over the fire till tyme they sethe and then set it to coole. And this is a good syrup for manye thinges and will be kept for a yeare or two. Then take they Warden and scrape cleane awaye the barke, but pare them not, and sethe them in good redde Wyne, so that they be well soked and tender that the Wine be neare hand soked into them, then take and strayne them throughe a cloth, or through a strayner into a vessell, then put to them of this syrope aforesayde till it be almost filled and then cast in the pouders, as fine caney, cinnamon, pouder of Ginger and suche and put it in boxes and kepe it if thou wilt.

Ryschewys close & Fryez
Take Fygys, & grynd hem smal in a mortere with a lytil Oyle, & grynd with hym clowys, & Maces; & than take it uppe In-to a vesselle, & mencyd Datys, Pouder Pepir, Canel, Salt, Safroun; than take fyne past of flowr an water, Sugre, Safroun, & salt, & make fayre cakys ther-of, than rolle thin stuf in thin hond, & couche it in the cakys, & kyt it, & fold hym as Ruschewys, & frye hem uppe in Oyle; and serue forth hote.

To make Ryschewys close & Fryez you will need:
Figs, oil, ground cloves, ground mace, dates, ground pepper, ground cinnamon, salt, saffron, flour, water and sugar.
First you will need to make a pasta dough of flour, water, sugar, saffron and salt and leave it to rest. This may seem daunting to many, but look in a modern cook book for hints, it isn’t as hard as it may seem. Now take the figs and grind them to a paste in a mortar, including a little oil. Mix into this paste, cloves and mace to taste. Be careful here as too much clove will overpower the dish. Mince a similar quantity of dates and add this to your figs and season with salt, pepper, cinammon and saffron. Take the dough and roll it out, then cut small disks out of it. Pick up some of the friut mix in your hand and roll it into a sausage, placing this into the disc of dough. Seal the fruit in the dough by forming a pasty-style shape and fry in oil until golden. Serve them immediately, but beware of the filling, as this can be extremely hot.

Roast Pork With Raisin and Rosemary Stuffing
Take your pig and drawe it and take lixor and parboyle yt and stire yt with a little creame and yokl of egg, and put thereto grated breade, mary, small raysons, nuttmeg, pouder of mace, sugar and salt stire these together and put into the pigs belly and sewe up the pigs belly and spitt him with the haire on and when it is half enough put off the skinne and take hede for tearing of the fatt, thereon. Then bast yt well and rub on it with creame and fine bread crumbs, sugar, cinammon and ginger and let it be done browne.

Salmon and Fig Fish Pies
Take Fygys and grynd hem wel; then take F(re)yssche Samoun and goode Freyssche Elys wyl y-sothe, and pyke out the bonys, and grynd the Fyssche with the fygis and do there-to pouder Gyngere, Canelle; and take fayre past (of) Floure and make fayre cakys ryth thinne, and take of the fars, and lay on the cake and close with a-nother, then take a Sawcere, and skoure the sydis and close the cake, and Frye hem in Oyle, and if thou wolt have hym partye, coloure hym with Safroun, Percely and Sawndderys and serve forth for a gode fryid mete.

Spiced Custard with Dates and Raisins
Take a platter full of Creame, if it bee a quart, then take six yolks of Egges, to a pint three Egges, and when you set your Creame, over the fire, cut your butter in small peeces and put it into your creame, and it be little more than the quantitie of a Walnut it is enough and season it with Salt, Sugar, cloves, mace and safron, and so cover it, and let it be set upon a chafing dish or pot of seething water, and when it is well hardned cast on it minced Dates and Small Raisons and so let it boyle till ye think it be wel hardned and then serve them foorth.

Whole Baked Fish with Spices and Prunes
Take of the Scales and take foorth the Gall and with Cloves, mace and salte, season it and take corans and prunes and put about the carpe and take butter and put it upon him and let him bake two hours.

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